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Keywords: DrupalCon 2010
Downloads: 23
[movies]TEST 1
DrupalCon 2010 test upload
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010
Downloads: 25
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Closing Session
This is the DrupalCon San Francisco closing session. The trditional DrupalCon photo will be taken, special announcements will be given, and general thank yous will be never ending.
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010
Downloads: 424
[movies]DrupalCon 2010 Test Video Upload - custom sample 3 - Gowri Abhaya
1000 kbps video recording sample
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010
Downloads: 107
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: MySQL Highlights Fresh from O'Reilly's annual MySQL Conference (April 12-15), J.D. Duncan will bring the latest news on MySQL and the Open Source database community. This will include the most recent announcements on the MySQL Server, MySQL Cluster, and InnoDB. Having worked in the MySQL community at various websites, then at MySQL AB, then Sun Microsystems, and now Oracle, he will also share a perspective on the role of small companies and larger com...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010
Downloads: 368
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: The Care and Feeding of Project Managers
Drupal doesn't have a lot of dedicated project managers, and it could really use more that get involved and help the community grow. In this session, we'll go through: - What makes Drupal projects hard to manage - Mitigating the 'hard to manage' qualities of our favorite CMS - Finding good project managers - Supporting project managers in your own company - Supporting project management for Drupal We've got an all-star cast of: Wendy Iguchi of Chapter 3 Chris Strahl of Orchestra Team Crystal Wil...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010
Downloads: 396
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Efficient workflow for design and development projects
We'll take a look at how our web design and development company moves Drupal projects from concept, to design, to production, using Drupal as the technical backbone for much of the process. We'll discuss how we communicate with clients and manage expectations. We'll also touch on lessons learned and things we do differently after 10 years of doing business.
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010
Downloads: 854
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: An enterprise approach to securing your Drupal sites
Like any new technology, introducing Drupal into your organization is bound to raise questions and objections from a host of vested interests. One of the initial objections is often security. This concern is often more acute when your organization doesn't have a history with the rest of the stack -- so Linux, PHP, MySQL, and/or Apache are new and unknown as well. This session focus on the types of risks that your Drupal initiative is likely to face, the controls you should put in place to mitiga...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; enterprise; security
Downloads: 371
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Accelerated grid theming using NineSixty
This session will cover the grid system and how to implement it in Drupal using the NineSixty theme. Session outline Brief history of grid-based design Philosophy behind and how it works Basics of grid-based theming How the NineSixty theme implements and expands on Content-ï¬rst layout using "push" and "pull" classes Dynamic grid widths based on context Debugging tools and grid visualization Right-to-left (RTL) language support Creating versatile, dynamic, and context-bas...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate
Downloads: 867
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: PubSubHubbub to the rescue-- Real-time feeds and the future of social networks
This talk will cover how PubSubHubbub enables developers to produce and consume real-time content across the net. I will detail how the next generation of social sites will build on standard components like ActivityStreams, WebFinger, and Salmon. Come see how your site can become part of the new decentralized web.
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 421
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: The Future Of MySQL: Forks, Patches And Decisions MySQL has been the default database for most web applications for years now. It is a standard in the community and is the bar by which everyone else is judged, for good and bad. However, things are mostly definitely changing. The trend for the last year has been major developments outside of MySQL AB, funded by everyone from Google to Percona to MontyProgram...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 549
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: jQuery for Designers and Themers
Small non-intrusive animations and interactions can greatly enhance the user experience and impress website visitors and clients. jQuery and jQuery UI make it easy to add these enhancements with little or no knowledge of javascript. Learn how! This session will be based on a very successful and similar session I gave at DrupalCon Paris and the sample code that resulted from that; the jQuery for Designers and Themers theme for Drupal 6...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate
Downloads: 1,116
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Views for developers
Views is an incredibly powerful module if you know how to use it. Views is also perhaps the most extensible system in all of Drupal, able to be extended in ways that make it the swiss army knife of data querying, marshalling, and formatting. But how do you extend it cleanly to bend it to your will? This session will attempt to explain the over-arching design of the Views module, and how one goes about writing plugins and handlers...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Intermediate; Advanced
Downloads: 1,062
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Drush - Dmitri Gaskin (dmitrig01)
Drupal is awesome. But sometimes just Drupal isn't awesome enough. That's when we need drush to step in. Drush is a command-line utility for Drupal. It makes tasks such as clearing the cache, downloading new modules, updating your modules, exporting your database, etc. very simple. In this session, I'll cover * Installing Drush (this can be the hardest part). * Basic drush usage, as well as going through all of the (useful) commands...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; awesome; drush
Downloads: 1,046
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Shh! This is a (Drupal-powered) Library Site! - Katherine Lynch, Amy Qualls-McClure, Tammy Allgood
Libraries are growing into new joint entities -- the library as a place, and the library as a resource. Library websites serve as a resource, delivering tools for learning to patrons and students in an academic setting. Drupal is an ideal tool for facilitating the specialized tasks that many library developers have to complete. In this session, attendees will learn about: Using the built-in architecture of Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 to meet the goals of library websites The 10 best modules for librar...
Keywords: Drupalcon 2010; library; usability
Downloads: 699 (1 review)
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Open Source Opens Doors for Youth: a professional/nonprofit/foundation collaboration builds a youth social enterprise
Few youth in the "underserved, low-income" category get exposure to the practices, ethics, and expectations of contemporary high-tech businesses. Come hear how a group of sharp and feisty youths from East Palo Alto are leaping over the digital divide. The youths from are gearing up to own and operate a for-profit business providing professional Drupal services to their community. Their first client: themselves...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate
Downloads: 281
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Enterprise Content Management With Drupal, Alfresco and CMIS
Drupal is the CMS that we all know and love but sometimes it's just not enough. For enterprise clients, marrying web content management, document management, robust workflow, security and enterprise search sounds like a recipe to rule out Drupal. Yet, pure ECM systems can often be expensive, monolithic and less than adept at providing WCM and community features. Jeff Potts, the guy who wrote the book on Alfresco (literally), and Chris Fuller will show how Drupal and Alfresco can be used together...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; alfresco; enterprise
Downloads: 980
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Making Drupal Admin Simple This session will demonstrate techniques to build and configure Drupal websites that are easy to maintain for non-developers. Included will be: modules that provide additional functionality for administrators configuration options to make the "back-end" easier to navigate theme modifications to make editing and administration simpler We will provide examples, explain options, and give detailed "How-To's...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Intermediate
Downloads: 1,071
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Leveraging the Chaos tool suite for module development
CTools, aka the Chaos tool suite is one of the most popular (#31 as reported by in early January 2010) and arguably least understood modules in the contributions repository. While most users will enable it only because of a dependency (i.e. panels), there are some wonderful gems in this tool kit that simplify module development. In this session I will cover the JavaScript and AJAX tools introduced by CTools...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 1,245
[movies]Drupalon SF 2010: Panels, Panels Everywhere
If youâve ever looked at a complex site and gotten lost in a twisty maze of PHP Block Visibility code, you have an immediate understanding of how Drupal can fail you when building a site. The needs of one page might not be the same as the needs of another page, but the block system doesnât really like this. While there are multiple solutions to this, using Panels and Page Manager and the âPanels Everywhereâ method, which means every user-facing page is a Page Manager page and you donât use ...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; wizard
Downloads: 1,250
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: jQuery, Views, and View Themeing
With jQuery and Views you can create a wide array of useful widgets and views. From advanced "spreadsheet" style tables to implementing beautiful galleries, jQuery and Views is the way to go. In this session we'll learn: * How to create views * How to theme views with CSS * How to theme views with template files (basic PHP knowledge is a good idea) * How to make your theme interactive with jQuery
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Intermediate; Advanced
Downloads: 1,123
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Performance testing The Economist Online using The Grinder At The Economist, we developed a load testing framework using an open source Java-based tool called The Grinder. We've had great success running sophisticated virtual user scripts, that accurately reproduce real user interactions on our Drupal site. In this session, David Strauss (Four Kitchens) and Mark Theunissen (The Economist) will cover: * An introduction to The Grinder * Jython, the scripting la...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 1,174
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: 2.4 million page views per day, 60 M per month, one server! In this talk, Khalid will talk about a how to scale a Drupal web site with the following statistics: 61 million page views per month 14.24 million visits per months 132,650 visits per hour peak 539,000 visits on peak day 2.4 million pages per day peak The web site runs on a single mid range server ... We will discuss how we: How to tune the LAMP stack for optimal performance How to keep things simple an...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Intermediate; Advanced
Downloads: 4,168
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Page render drill down in Drupal 7 Join Moshe Weitzman for deep dive into the page render system for Drupal 7. We'll learn how to build and theme a standard page callback. Then we'll evaluate various alternatives for modifying the page, to meet some hypothetical user experience requirements. Learn more about: Build a drupal_render() array in a menu callback...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 2,608
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: The State of Panels 3 and More of What You Love
Panels 3 is a powerful, drag-and-drop content manager and layout tool which can be used build complex Drupal sites without any custom code. It also is based on an extensible API and system of hooks which can be used to extend and alter its core functionality. Sam Boyer, co-maintainer of Panels, will present on the following points: 1.) An Overview of the State of Panels 3.0 2.) Demonstration of Essential Panels Functionality 3.) Panels Everywhere: Panelizing Theming 4.) Panels Blueprints: Templa...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Intermediate; Advanced
Downloads: 978 2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Drupal Publisher's Panel
Online News is a natural fit for Drupal. Publications of all types from newspapers, magazines, trade publications and journals have used Drupal aggressively to better showcase breaking news, analysis, features, blogs and user generated content. These publishers become avid fans and some of the best evangelists of Drupal because it answers so many of their growing needs. Demands on all news and information organizations are growing...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; modules; news; publishing
Downloads: 332
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: How Drupal 7 Fields are changing the way you write modules Drupal 7 introduced the notion of Fields, small pieces of data you can add to several kind of Entities. Several key modules are getting completely written to take advantage of this powerful concept in their Drupal 7 versions. In this session we will show how Fields are changing the way we write modules, for the better...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced
Downloads: 1,333
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Elevating 960gs in Drupal with the Omega theme
This session will cover from the basics to advanced usages of, and tackle issues including how to start using it to simplify your site layouts and theme setup, how to quickly wireframe your site in a way that will truly represent your final product after design implementations, pushing theming & grid based layouts further with preprocess functionality in your theme layer. This session will appeal to both those new to grid systems and, and will also further appeal to those users tha...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced
Downloads: 1,007
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Batch vs. Queue: an API Smackdown
The Batch and Queue APIs are a little-known treasure trove of functionality inside Drupal. Many developers have heard about these tangentially but are a little fuzzy on the details and when to use them. In this lucid introduction, you'll learn what these APIs are for as well as when to batch and when to queue. We'll start with the Batch API and cover everything from simple nonprogressive batch processing to progressive batches with and without JavaScript...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Intermediate; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 811
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Views Demystified - Part 2 - Doug Vann, Rain Breaw
Doug Vann & Rain Breaw are teaming up to propose a two-session set on Views, which are intended to work together. These sessions will break Views down into the nuts and bolts. In both sessions, we'll actually *do* the configuration right in front of you, and show variations and even ways to break your setup! Note that these are nitty-gritty sessions for beginners or anyone still fighting with views to get it to do exactly what you want...
Keywords: Beginner; Intermediate; DrupalCon 2010;
Downloads: 852
[movies]Display Suite - central and clean administration of your object displays
There is an enormous choice when it comes to theming your data. The theming layer makes it possible to create suggestions and create an insane amount of template files, you can override existing theming functions, CCK has the display fields screen and with views you can either choose fields, nodes and other display methods. In big projects, this can lead to an unmanageable amount of places where theming can happen...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Code & Development; data display; theming
Downloads: 486
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Mining Social Media For Awesome Drupal Gigs
Social media is not always socializing on the web. It can also be about the viral spread of information between people. For well over a decade the internet has been providing a new means for communicating. For well over a decade I have been slowly learning how to grok that flow of information. Come to the sessions, and I will show you my methods for filtering the stream to get the information you want...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 314
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Views Demystified - Part 1 - Doug Vann, Rain Breaw
Doug Vann & Rain Breaw are teaming up to propose a two-session set on Views, which are intended to work together. These sessions will break Views down into the nuts and bolts. In both sessions, we'll actually *do* the configuration right in front of you, and show variations and even ways to break your setup! Note that these are nitty-gritty sessions for beginners or anyone still fighting with views to get it to do exactly what you want...
Keywords: Beginner; Intermediate; DrupalCon 2010;
Downloads: 970
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Enterprise trends: Analyst panel - CMS experts
Jacob Morgan, from the Chess Media group, will lead a panel of enterprise social media analysts and experts to discuss what the upcoming trends in enterprise collaboration are. These trends include: * Popular social media channels will keep growing for brand marketers * Mobile and Geo marketing will grow * Internal community marketing will increase to improve collaboration and help generate new content * External branded community sites will grow but will need to integrate with many URLs for the...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 242
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Case Studies in Publishing: Time Out NY and Taunton Press
As content publishers make the shift from traditional channels to online, many are finding that their current websites are unable to handle the increased quantity and depth of content required to keep audiences engaged. In addition, content publishers looking to integrate social media and collaboration tools into their website will face challenges when working with legacy content management systems (CMS) which are limited in functionality and were not designed with the todayâs social media requ...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 319
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Top 100 Useful Contributed Modules
This session will take a look at 100 contributed modules. With over 4,000 contributed modules available, this session will look at the top 100 most useful modules based on my experience on building Drupal websites. After attending this session, you will leave with a great list of modules that cover a wide range of functionality.
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; modules; views; utilities; development
Downloads: 941
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Show Don't Tell: Guerilla Usability Testing
Sometimes it takes a good story to get people on your side. Don't let expensive usability labs scare you off. Usability testing provides critical feedback on design decisions, convinces stakeholders to do the right thing -- and can be done on the cheap. This session will show quick usability testing strategies, and will provide an overview of the basic steps involved: how to define a testing methodology, identify participants, facilitate and record sessions, present results and make recommendati...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 349
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Adopting a Standard for the Enterprise: A Case Study of Florida Hospital
A case study on how Florida Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the country, has standardized on Drupal as a Web platform both inside and outside the organization. With more than 100 departmental & team websites, as well as over 50 public facing web properties, dealing with so many customers, 15,000 employees, and living in the non-profit world presents it's challenges. Come hear how Florida Hospital streamlined their web platform, increased their ROI, put power in the hands of their conte...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 524
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Harnessing Drupal for Your Next Web Project
Drupal is an incredible tool that powers a tremendous range of successful websites. However, getting what's right for your website can be overwhelming; especially when Drupal makes so much possible. And, no matter what the size of your project relative to the size of your organization, it will involve at least some time, money and effort, none of which are good to waste. If Drupal looks like a fit for your organization, this session should help prepare you to make the leap...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; planning; process; project management
Downloads: 330
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Media Module: Multimedia in Drupal 7
The Media module is poised to bring media in Drupal (images, video, audio, documents, etc.) into a united, powerful, and beautiful system for Drupal 7. Come see a demo of the module in action, learn how to develop additional integration, understand stream wrappers and the related file system changes that went into core Drupal 7. This session is appropriate to beginners through expert users, as this module is intended to become a standard building block of most Drupal sites...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; education; entertainment; media; non-profit
Downloads: 1,994
[movies]Social Analytics for 120 Warner Bros. Records Artist sites
Warner Bros. Records had a need for a system to "manage" all the data, statistics and API calls taking place between all of their 120+ Drupal sites and systems they depend on. To address this, WBR along with Gravitek Labs developed a system called Digital Detail, a platform for data routing, storage, analysis and maintenance. In this session we'll go through Digital Detail, how it was made, strategies behind it and where we're taking it...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Downloads: 483 (1 review)
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: From Ubercart to Drupal Commerce
Drupal Commerce is breaking new ground in Drupal based e-commerce development. In essence, Drupal Commerce is a rewrite of Ubercart's core systems by the former project lead and other major Drupal contributors based on our experience developing and building sites with Ubercart. Drupal Commerce leverages the greatest new features Drupal 7 has to offer to create a core set of e-commerce modules that are at the same time more solid internally and more flexible for the end user...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Drupal 7; Drupal Commerce; ubercart
Downloads: 2,423
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Accessibility in Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 - Write Accessible Modules and Themes - Katherine Lynch
As technology advances, it is more important than ever to code with web accessibility in mind. Web accessibility measures help users with disabilities related to limitations of vision, hearing, learning, cognition, and motor skills to use the web effectively. This session will feature videos of disabled users interacting with Drupal websites and the admin interface of Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. Through these videos, attendees will be provided with valuable insight into the user experience in many ne...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; accessibility; development; standards; usability; wcag
Downloads: 1,152 (1 review)
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Building a viral marketing and customer rewards e-commerce site
You have a killer product - best in its class. You build a great website with the best CMS in the world (Drupal of course!) You make a slick jQuery widget that makes people go "oooh!" But you have no money to waste on expensive advertising and marketing. How then, do you increase sales exponentially and let your customers do all the talking? In this case study we show you how one German bodybuilder, plus Drupal and Ubercart, plus embed widgets and a simple customer rewards system based on Userpo...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; ecommerce; ubercart; viral marketing; widgets
Downloads: 612
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Providing a Scalable Infrastructure for
In October 2009, the official site of the President, re-launched on Drupal. The preparation, development, and testing of the infrastructure required was an immense effort full of challenges. It was a landmark win for Drupal and did a lot to legitimize Drupal's flexibility, security and scalability to those outside of our community. This session will provide insight into the infrastructure required to power this uniquely visible and high traffic site...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; architecture; High Availability; infrastructure; performance; scalability
Downloads: 676
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: A Match Made in the Cloud – How to Best Take Advantage of Cloud Technologies with Drupal Sites - Bret Piatt, Josh Koenig
The secret is out â Drupal has become the âgo-toâ open source software for the publication and management of website content. By pairing Drupal with cloud technologies there is a whole new world of user benefits well beyond scale and performance. In this session, Bret Piatt, director, technical alliances at Rackspace Hosting and members of the Drupal community will discuss how to best take advantage of cloud technologies with Drupal sites...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; education; entertainment; library; marketing; media; non-profit
Downloads: 657
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: The Drupal Association - Stewards of the Drop - Robert Douglass, Amazon
Drupal is a phenomenal open source software project with an amazing community. We're experiencing non-stop growth, wider adoption in the non-profit, government, and enterprise WCMS space. We have bigger and better DrupalCons. But what role does the Drupal Association play in all of this? As it turns out, it's a pretty big role. This session will provide a comprehensive overview of what the Drupal Association is, and does, who is behind it all, and where we're going...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Drupalcon; Association;; non-profit
Downloads: 151 (1 review)
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: The Future of Drupal in Government - Jeff Walpole (jwalpole) & Chuck D'Antonio (crdant)
In the past year, there has been much discussion about Drupal as a platform to serve Government. As we strive to help governments improve efficiency, transparency, accountability, and participation, it becomes more apparent that Drupal is naturally equipped to solve many of these challenges. But at the same time, there are incredible counter-forces at play, and implementers need to be aware of them...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; government; government 2.0; open government; opendata; opengov
Downloads: 344
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Strategies for Community Contributions
We all benefit from the thousands of dollars worth of contributions that people make to Drupal's code, infrastructure, and community but it's sometimes hard for companies and individuals to prioritize contributing back. Come and share strategies with long time Drupal community members Michael E. Meyers, Greg Knaddison, and Eric Gunderson as they discuss strategies that work, those that haven't, and the reasons for success or failure...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; education; entertainment; library; marketing; media; non-profit
Downloads: 181
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Defining and pitching your process
Effectively communicating how you work is a powerful way to convince clients to choose you. Before they make a decision, potential clients want to know what working with you will be like, and need to be confident that it will not only be effective, but that they'll be comfortable in the process. This session will offer insights into thinking through your own work process, how to communicate that to decision makers, and the key role this will play in setting client expectations for the project.
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; education; entertainment; library; marketing; media; non-profit
Downloads: 293
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